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Which water insulation materials are best for residential buildings?


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Protect your concrete structure from water damage using Biobase's pico technology solutions. Enjoy a 20-year warranty for buildings, tunnels, bridges, roads, and more.


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Revolutionary Water Insulation for Concrete Structures

Water insulation is critical for maintaining the integrity of concrete structures, preventing water damage and prolonging their lifespan. Our groundbreaking product utilizes pico technology, featuring particles smaller than nano, combined with advanced biological components. This innovative solution deeply penetrates concrete surfaces, forming an impermeable barrier that protects against water infiltration, cracks, and environmental damage. The biological elements enhance the concrete's natural resilience, promoting self-healing and restoring structural integrity.

Our pico and bio-based solution offers unmatched efficiency and sustainability. It significantly reduces water-related damage and maintenance costs while minimizing environmental impact. This eco-friendly, cost-effective technology is easy to apply, making it ideal for a variety of applications, from foundations and basements to bridges and tunnels. Trust our revolutionary product to deliver superior water insulation, ensuring your concrete structures remain dry, durable, and robust for years to come.